alona - post 1

It is Wednesday and I'm incredibly bored. My class went today to see people in comas who have been in car accidents to try to get us to dive safely. I chose not to participate; I have better things to do with my time than take part in stupid shock educational tactics. (Ori, you're studying education, please support my argument with big words).

So I've done absolutely nothing today but I'm going to recap yesterday in pictures just because I figure that might be interesting.

I stayed focused for two full lessons of math.

I skipped lit (ספרות) to go to the library to find
stuff for my sociology project.

Then I returned to school for sociology class...

...after which I had my very first driving
lesson! =)

And then tzofim.

The rest of the day was an epic failure so I have nothing more to update. I'm hoping to get a better webcam and then maybe I'll even upload a VLOG!

Later days.

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