most excellent

it's monday, which means another week of school. i have been in an escapist mood lately so i've been neglecting schoolwork a touch and learning python instead. i started during the break and got pretty good. on friday i wrote an implementation of the game reversi, including the AI for playing against the computer. you can see my code here. not terribly sophisticated, but i'm pleased with myself. anyways, my next goal is to learn how to create nice GUIs so i ordered this book last night. if it ends up sabotaging my studies you can thank amir (michal's brother).

my courses for this term are interesting. the highlight is a course taught by this guy on rousseau, nietzsche, freud and marcuse.

we have dominican neighbors and they're flipping out at each other at the moment. quite epic. we're talking marriage-ending fight.


how about that?

Hope you guys like it. This could be our private tree house, and a good place to keep contact. And to post cool links. And embedded videos (which means, Ori, that your videos might get viewed more often). And stuff.

Anyway, rejoice! I like it.